To stop and smell the flowers...

The Concord Community of Artists are fortunate to have talented and dedicated artists working together, patrons who are generous with their encouragement, and a growing and flourishing arts scene in Concord to call home.

The recent Flower Power - Community Art Installation at the Concord Library was a beautiful mix of visual flora from 15 artists, curated by Sylvia Nuzzo Philis and installed by Laurie Mansur and Sylvia Nuzzo Philis.  We hope everyone who stopped by enjoyed the bouquet!

Thank you to the local and regional press. Read the articles from Kara Navolio at the Concord Pioneer and Janice De Jesus at the East Bay Times.

Process and People

Highlighting the 'process' which some say constitutes the work or labor of an artist, has been the main focus of our recent blog posts.  As a group, before the artworks were installed at the library, the Flower Power artists shared with one another how they were inspired to select their specific flower, what techniques were used to achieve the details in the artwork and what challenges were faced in the process.  As simple as our theme seemingly was, there was a lot for the group to share with one another about their process.

Denise Hillman
Lois Willhite
Laurie Mansur
Sharon Petersen
Camille Heath
Ambrozya Dae
Annika Ward
Catherine Hensiek
Amy Eikner 
Sandy Leonard

Cathy Hanson
Some of the Flower Power group.

Come see this community art installation! Only a few days left at the Concord Library until May 31.  Be sure to check library hours during the holiday weekend.

Beauty unfolds before your very eyes!

Just like a real flower reveals itself from one moment to the next, artist Lisa Fulmer gives us a fun view of the sequence of her painting for the Flower Power installation. See the colorful exhibit now at the Concord Library until May 31!

Flowers, one petal at a time.

Here we see the progress of Sharon Petersen's watercolor.  You can see her finished piece at the Concord Library now through May 31 at the Flower Power installation along with other new and original pieces by the other fourteen artists, presented by the Concord Community of Artists.

Sharon Petersen - work in progress 1

Sharon Petersen - work in progress 2

Sharon Petersen - work in progress 3

Flowers are continuing to grow!

Flower Power artwork in progress. Artist Denise Hillman chose to interpret her flower as glass art.  So interesting to see her specs, materials, and beautiful pansy!

Be sure to see this piece 'live and in person' along with fourteen other artworks in a unique installation throughout the month of May, beginning May 2nd at the Concord Library.

Denise Hillman - work in progress 1

Denise Hillman - work in progress 2

Denise Hillman - stained glass art

See the process!

It's fun to view these works in progress in preparation for the upcoming Flower Power installation!

May 2 - 31, 2017 at the Concord Public Library.

Camille Heath - work in progress 1

Camille Health - work in progress 2

Camille Heath - work in progress 3

Come out in May!

The Journey Matters

The process which constitutes making is really the essence of what is considered the work of being an artist.  As we approach the opening of the installation, enjoy a glimpse from a few of the artists' process as their pieces evolved for the upcoming Flower Power Community Art Installation.  

Be sure to come see the finished pieces as they come together to form the beautiful community installation! It will be on view at the Concord Library May 2-31.

 Lois Willhite (work in progress)

 Ambrozya Dae (work in progress)

A little past, a little present, a little future.

Throughout the past several months the CCofA artists, individually and collectively, have been very productive and engaged with art making and community making!

Some highlights include:

• Actively supporting B8 Theatre by attending performances, spreading the word about the theatre, and growing our community of artists to include the performing arts.

• Hosting various classes, most recently with teaching artist, Joani Share.

• Continuously celebrating and supporting each other’s ongoing achievements....

….Sharon Petersen hustles and has her beautiful watercolors and prints for sale everywhere I look!
….Laurie Mansur’s piece Breakfast at the Sugarplum juried into Town Hall Theatre Gallery, Lafayette.
….Lisa Fulmer continues to lead the Concord Art Association.
….Raquel Amaral opens new art gallery in downtown Concord.
….Joani Share's solo exhibit at Walnut Creek Library.
….Susan Pace-Koch guest-curates illustrator’s exhibit Storybooks by the Bay at Village Theatre Art Gallery in Danville.
….Catherine Hensiek joins the board of directors for Concord Art Association.
….Sylvia Nuzzo Philis advocates for public art at city planning commission meeting.

Presently, there are 15 of us CCofA artists working on Flower Power – A Community Art Installation, an example of individuals working together towards the positive outcome for the whole. It will be on display at the Concord Library (Salvio Street) from May 2-31, 2017.  More details to come soon!

The (near) future for the group includes artist development/constructive critiques, art supply exchange, making art outdoors together, seeking sustainable partnerships to strengthen our art-making opportunities, hanging out and enjoying Concord’s renowned music-in-the-park concert(s). We'll continue to refine our mission, function as a creative collective, and enable possibilities for folks who make art a priority in their lives. It’s important not to always be overly solitude or too sucked into our own personal work as an artist. When we are aware of what goes on in our communities and among our peers, it becomes easier to make our best mark with our artistry!