Art Students from Clayton Valley Charter High School

We invited art students from Clayton Valley Charter High School in Concord to participate in our show, Concord Arts Alive! Emerge - and we were so delighted with their work!

Including these budding and talented young artists was a way to exemplify the range of artists living in our community. It forges a new relationship with local arts and local education, and it helps create a beautiful bridge of generations among all the artists involved.
Here are a few of the students who came to the Artist Reception:

Emily, Senior - Untitled (photography)

Micah, Senior - Holding Africa (mixed media)

Hannah, Junior - The War Inside (graphite)

Skylar, Sophomor - The Arc (photography)

Myenna, Junior - The World (watercolor)

Colin, Freshman - Big Chicken (acrylic)

Katie, Junior - The Lion and Life (pen and ink)

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  1. A couple of the kids don't look all that old and yet the artwork is excellent. I never cease to be surprised by young real talent can shine through. It'd be good to do a post on each artist together with their pictures, the images above are quite small and difficult to see clearly.

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