Community Engagement - The Arts Build Community

Emily Stepp (left) and Lynne Noone
Making art is not the only priority for our artists.  In fact, one of the main tenets of the Concord Community of Artists is to engage with our community organizations in ways that enliven civic programs and enhance the vitality within our city and among our residents and visitors.
"Libraries have become so much more than books. People still come to the library to get books, but once they get here, they realize how much is going on. Working with the Concord Community of Artists is a great example of community in action. When I asked the group if someone was interested in creating a "NEW BOOKS" sign for the Concord Library, artist Emily Stepp generously donated her time and talent to this project and the result was spectacular! Working together, we spark imagination, fuel potential, and connect people with ideas and each other."       - Lynne Noone, Adult Services Librarian

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