Our new art show - sight/unseen

Concord Community of Artists is thrilled to announce our new art show!

May 21-26, 2016
The Artist's Den - 1913 Salvio Street, Concord

Click here to download our flyer with more information.

Each of our 14 participating artists was asked to interpret and express an aspect of their identity. Some are exploring this concept through their ancestry, others are creating work that speaks to their ethnicity, culture or nationality. Each piece will include a written narrative about their inspiration, artistic approach and what they discovered about themselves during the process.

Our individual identities are comprised of the qualities, beliefs and distinctive characteristics that make us unique and different from each other. Psychology professor Peter Weinreich defines identity as contextual:
How we understand and interpret ourselves today - in the present - expresses the continuity between where we came from (our past) and what we aspire to be (our future). 
What a wonderfully reflective approach for artists and art students to consider when creating personal works of self-expression!

Concord Community of Artists develops mutually beneficial opportunities for artists to come together and work with local businesses and service organizations to celebrate the value and positive impact of the arts and how it strengthens the vitality of our entire community. 

We are honored to present sight/unseen in partnership with The Artist's Den, which is operated by Futures Explored, a non-profit organization that provides work training and recreational programs for Bay Area adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

The Artist's Den provides weekday art programs to their clients and operates an art gallery to exhibit and sell their work. 

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