Meet the artist - Kim Lawson

Art journal by Kim Lawson - pen and ink

This month we are featuring interviews with the artists who are in our upcoming art show - sight/unseen - at The Artist's Den in Concord, May 21-26, 2016.

This is Kim Lawson - what do you like most about living in Concord?
I have lived in Concord since 1992. Although it's the largest city in Contra Costa County, there's still a small town vibe here. I like its proximity to San Francisco and other great locales in the Bay Area. I feel lucky to be able to hop in the car for a quick road trip to the many wonderful places within California. 
Concord has been a great place to raise my family – we have lovely neighbors and have made many lifelong friends here. As an artist, there are numerous parks and places to sit and observe life - sketch, paint, photograph and ponder my favorite quote by Emily Dickinson...“I dwell in possibility.” 
I recently began teaching art journaling and general craft classes through the City of Concord’s Park and Recreation Department. I'm a member of the Concord Community of Artists and the Concord Art Association - two inspirational groups that I'm proud to be a part of. There are many talented artists living here - I would love the City of Concord to better promote and have more outlets for art and artists!
What medium(s) do you plan to use in your piece for this show?
Generally my work has focused on photography, acrylic and watercolor painting, as well as various forms of mixed media and crafts. For the sight/unseen show, I plan to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new. Yikes! What I envision in my mind does not always present itself in the final stage, but I like to push my boundaries and see what happens. Sometimes the result is better than I anticipated! I will be creating a 3D piece exemplifying my heritage and its influence and translation to my artwork.

Are there exciting mediums or techniques you've learned about recently?
Last year I began art journaling – a place for me to experiment and practice ideas. Whoa! I fell in love with this creative outlet so much, that I now teach this art form to others. I carry a small journal and pens with me at all times because inspiration can happen at any time. I have a large journal that I play in every day. Sleeping is difficult sometimes when ideas keep knocking on my brain!
How long have you been creating art?
I like to think that I was born an artist. It's strange for me to consider myself as an artist because I’m no Picasso...I just make what I think is fun and whatever comes naturally to me. Technically speaking, I have been labeling myself as a self-taught artist for ten years. Additionally, I think I am misplaced royalty – probably 201st in line for the English crown. I have no formal art education, but being Queen won’t require that. But I have always drawn and sketched - it's a great way to stay focused during boring class lectures and business meetings! I also adore creative writing, papercrafts, repurposing things, and using weird collections of objects I find to enhance my projects. I find inspiration from master artists, fellow artists, and a wealth of museums, nature, and friends whose style I admire.
What advice would you give a new artist?
The best advice I have for budding artists is to give into the passion and desire to create, don't give in to the fear of failure. You can always paint over it! 
“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" - Robert H. Schuller

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  1. Kim, that top picture of your art journal is so captivating. I love it!


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