Meet the musicians performing at our art show - sight/unseen

We are delighted to welcome these talented musicians who will be performing during our new art show - sight/unseen - at The Artist's Den on Saturday and Sunday, May 21-22.

Kelli Childers was born and raised right here in Concord, where she's now raising her own children with her husband. Her journey with music started with piano lessons at an early age, then once school band became available in fifth grade, she picked up the alto sax. Kelli continued to play in school bands right up through college, where she had a wonderful experience learning from brilliant professors in the DVC music program.

Kelli bought her first guitar when she was 11 years old, after saving up $200 (which her dad matched). That Fender acoustic has traveled everywhere with her - from performing in dive bars as a young adult to later when she discovered her gift for teaching. That's when she knew she'd found her purpose - giving children a positive experience with music.

Kelli is performing on Saturday, May 21 at 12noon and 2:30pm.

Benjamin Ofori is from Sogakope, a small village in the Volta region of Ghana, West Africa. He began performing with his father’s group at an early age and later with his school’s cultural troupe. After graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts/African Drumming, Dance and Song, he formed his own group and has been teaching and performing for more than 20 years. His goal is to preserve the teaching of his elders and pass it along to new generations. 

Ofori is the founder of Bodac Cultural Group, an international African Traditional Drumming, Dance and Performing Arts group that originated in Ghana. The group’s mission is to share the knowledge, gifts, talents and joy of West African art and culture with various communities through vibrant performances and education. Bodac’s music touches lives and transforms audiences to appreciate music like they’ve never experienced it before. Their musical message to people around the world is that culture can’t be forgotten; we are born into our culture and it’s what makes us unique. Sharing art, music and ideas between disparate cultures enriches people, helping us all to grow wiser and more enlightened.

Benjamin is performing on Sunday, May 22 at 3:30pm.

Isaiah Douglass is a musician, artist and writer who has been creating for most of his known life. He started playing guitar and singing at a young age and he was drawing even earlier than that. 

"Inspired by our earth family, the human journey and the mysteries of life, it is by this inspiration that I am propelled to create through many mediums. I am constantly seeking to expand my awareness and to live authentically. I believe the greatest gift we can all give is to be true to ourselves and follow golden thread of inspiration where ever it may takes us. May you always remember the blessings and peace of life."

Isaiah will be performing on Sunday, May 22 at 12noon and 2pm.

Feona Lee Jones makes music that is dreamy, ambient and melancholic, with synth pop, new wave, and punk rock undertones. Feona co-created the band, Telepathic Birds with Tony Cameron in 2013 in Concord. Their music is more moody and heavily layered. 

"We are space explorers who have come here to Earth to bring people together through our mysterious, bird-like, insect, space-y, Persephone-like presence. We have come to be a beacon of light and love to guide others in reconnecting with their essence and stepping fully into peace, love, and vulnerability. Our music is uplifting, bridging the shadow and the light, the underworld and the heavens, bringing light to the darkness and depth to the light, and creating opportunities for worldly beings to “transition” in peace."

Feona will be performing during our artist celebration on Saturday, May 21, 4pm. This is a private RSVP event - email CCofA to inquire about purchasing tickets.

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  1. I am so excited to include these musicians' artistry in the show! Welcome to CCofA!


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