Meet the Artist - Marie Gomes

Inspired by Monet by Marie Gomes 

This month we are featuring interviews with the artists who are in our upcoming art show - sight/unseen - at The Artist's Den in Concord, May 21-26, 2016.

This is Marie Gomes - what do you like most about living in Concord?
I like the people in this area. It’s so different than living in Fremont. There are more trees and prettier walks. I have lived here a long time. It has helped me feel calmer and I like to learn new things. Plus the art program at Futures Explored and the Artist’s Den is available here.

What medium do you plan to use in your art for the sight/unseen show?
I used acrylics for this project, but I like trying different things, it’s fun even though it gets messy.
Are there any exciting mediums or techniques you've learned about recently?

I want to learn how to do scratch art.

How long have you been creating art?
When I started going to Futures Explored, so a few years now. At the art program there, they taught me techniques and how to use materials.

What is the best advice you're ever received as an artist?
The best advice has just been encouragement and having a teacher like my work.
What advice would you give a new artist?
If you like art a lot, stick with it!
Sophia by Marie Gomes

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